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Sponsored Riders

ERA is proud to sponsor dressage rider Debra Jane Mills.

Discipline: Dressage
Horses: Favoloso, Milverton Angel, Kinnordy Galliano, McConaughy.

Deb has been a sponsored rider with Equine Rider Accessories since 2013.

Horses have been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. She grew up competing in all disciplines and regularly attended Forest Hills Pony Club with her friends. Following her University years and the influence of her friends who primarily rode Dressage, Deb decided to concentrate on this discipline too. She purchased a lovely warmblood mare “Milverton Angel” who had been trained to medium level and so the love affair with Dressage began.

Following Angel’s retirement, Deb went on to successfully compete Kinnordy Galliano, McConaughy and Favoloso. Favoloso (Mickey) has been her main ride since 2015, and in this time Deb has taken him from young horse to FEI. They have had great success across the levels including a NSW State Championship win, and are currently competing PSG, training Inter 1.

She has recently started the young horse journey all over again with her three year old warmblood mare “Bambi”. She hopes to introduce Bambi to competition in 2022.

Deb is an ENSW Dressage Coach and coaches on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


Deb can be seen wearing an Equine Rider Accessories stock tie at every competition she attends, and highly recommends them to all of her friends and fellow competitors.

We look forward to follow Debs progress and success.